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Bad Mood Memes For Bummed Out Debbie Downers Who Embrace Negativity

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Rage-Filled Memes For People Who Are Perpetually Angry

Are you a person who feels like a hot-headed monster every time you get a little angry? Well, you're not alone. Anger is a very powerful emotion that can make us feel like we're about to go Hulk mode at any moment. But before you go smashing things, let's talk about how anger can actually be healthy in small doses. Anger is sorta like hot sauce - a dash of the potent liquid can both spice and flavor to your boring life, but if you pile it on too heavily, you'll be left with a fiery mess. And pr…
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Pissed-Off Memes For Aggro People

People talk a lot about having “a case of the Mondays." If these cases are anything like my Mondays, then their weeks must start in a pretty pissed-off manner. In fact, if we're talking about anger and frustration at everything around you, then I have a case of “the Mondays” every damn day of the week. It's truly incredible how short my temper is. Anything can send me into a rage - be it a lack of coffee
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Hotheads Reveal the Worst Thing They've Ever Done in a Fit of Anger

Watch out
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Relatable Memes for Frequently Pissed Off People

I can tell things are bad in my life when searching “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit becomes something of a reflex. Once the powerful, angry, and honestly relatable anthem is being played several times a week, I know I'm in trouble. It's not that I want to be angry. It's just that everything kind of sucks. Needing root canals every year. Covid scares. Being broke. Job. Long distance relationship . Flaky friends. The list goes on. I know I can't possibly be the only person who is consistently disapp…
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Twitter Divided After Guy Gets Upset At Wife Writing A Book

There's layers here
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Anger-inducing video of a lady yelling out at her Uber driver

Total Karen Flips Out On Poor Uber Driver Over Nothing

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Funny memes and tweets about being angry | angry Spongebob mad but don't know why mad and being rude and wanna stop being rude but can't because mad. PEOPLE WANT PUNCH FACE: huge book.

Eighteen Angry Memes For Those With A Lot Of Pent-Up Rage

Memes for the chronically angry.
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The Key Is To Stop Projecting Your Anger Onto Everyone Else, Susan

Funny Tumblr post about an employee who keeps themselves composed at work despite being in a bad mood
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19 Angsty Memes To Remind You That Life Is Full Of Sass

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Funny animal posts on tumblr

29 Funny Tumblr Posts In Praise Of Animals

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What Could Go Wrong?

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Because Fear.

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No, Really.

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The Solution All Along Was to Just Get Mad

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I am Hatred Incarnate, Do Not Touch Me

hate twitter anger bird - 8762540800
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