Funny memes about living in North Dakota

Eighteen Niche North Dakota Memes For The Midwesterners

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Funny memes about corporate America

16 Memes For Frustrated Underpaid Workers

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Funny dank memes about people having FBI agents

'FBI Agent' Memes Serve As A Reminder That We're Being Watched

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funny meme about dressing up as an entire country by dressing up as ronald mcdonald with a machine gun.
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Depressingly Accurate

Funny meme about how other countries have free healthcare and the United States does not
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Depressing tweets about very expensive medical bills paid in the US

Disheartened Americans Reveal The Astronomical Medical Bills They've Received

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Holy Crap It's So Accurate

Funny Eric Andre meme about how Australians are just British Texans
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Funny memes about tweets about Trump wanting to purchase Greenland

Trump Apparently Wants To Buy Greenland, Gets Roasted & Toasted Over It

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Funny Spongebob meme about video games in the United States causing mass shootings
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Funny memes, 'video games are not to blame'

17 Fresh Memes That Roast The Complete Idiocy Of Blaming Violence On Video Games

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31 Midwestern Memes You Can Dowse With Ranch Dressing

31 Midwestern Memes You Can Douse With Ranch Dressing

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American memes, 'murica, king of the hill.

18 American Memes & Pics That Scream Red, White, & Blue

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Funny memes about the military, military memes.

33 Military Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Struggle

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Caption that reads, "Him: I bet you get hella DMs; My DMs: ..." above an Instagram screenshot of a message that reads, "Hello, I was wondering if you can marry me so I can gain access to America..."
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funny world maps

14 Terrible But Entertaining Maps That Will Not Educate You About Geography In The Slightest

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Don't Tell Me What To Do

Funny meme about grocery store, cheese, throwing american cheese at babies.
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