Aladdin can show you the world, but can he show you Aladdin jokes and memes? Nope he's a movie character and incapable of such things, so here's some in the meantime to make you cackle.

Why Don't You Shut Up, How About That?

nerds youtube youtube comments aladdin - 7401517824
Created by Unknown

Teamwork at its Finest

prince of persia teamwork aladdin assassins creed - 7240680192
Via JessKat-art
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Their 3D work is Really Stunning

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Aladdin's Jafar Totally Looks Like Prince

jafar prince totally looks like aladdin - 7143026944
Created by armansonx

You Lie!

disney aladdin - 6799209472
Created by butterflyperception

Dat Clarity

glasses aladdin smudge - 6588073216
Created by cellogal1994

Is That Aladdin?

aladdin costume stereotype - 3436633600
See all captions Created by rfalex11


jasmine aladdin - 6984147456
Created by xyzpdq1

Smashing Shake

wtf gifs aladdin smashing nigel thornberry - 6979068672
Created by NennaMeerkat


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Created by jakohan

SMP CLASSIC: JaWherever You Are

disney near literalism aladdin opposites suffix far - 6949925376
Created by savannamia

Dog? Dance Lessons? Disks?

gifs aladdin questions - 6920337920
Via Unabating

Something Interesting Over There

wtf aladdin - 6887584512
Created by savannamia

Re-Framed: Aladdin Knows That Feel

disney aladdin re-frames Les Misérables - 6884320256
Created by Unknown

Who Would Give This to a Child?

Ruined Childhood coloring book creepy aladdin - 6865933056
Via Reddit

This Scene Isn't Cheap

disney rage face Movie scene aladdin Okay - 6815414016
Created by Linnusma