Aladdin can show you the world, but can he show you Aladdin jokes and memes? Nope he's a movie character and incapable of such things, so here's some in the meantime to make you cackle.

magical disney memes

29 Magical Disney Memes To Help You Relive Your Pure Childhood

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twitter roast

10+ Hilarious Tweets That Are Roasting Incessant 'We Need A Disney Princess' Tweets

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Funny Disney vs. Pixar meme bracket that is making people angry, funny bracket, march madness, movies.

This Disney/Pixar Bracket Is Driving The Internet Crazy And Destroying Friendships

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Collection of random funny web comics about disney, aladding, nerd stuff, geeky, drugs, gaming, animals, cats, dogs.

46 Web Comics That'll Get You Laughing

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Funny meme about Kim Kardashian's id being mistaken for Jafar from Aladdin.
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Collection of funny memes and gifs having to do with disney, especially Frozen and Lion King.

These 18 Disney Memes and GIFs Will Add Magic To Your Day

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Collection of photoshopped Disney movie covers, changed the titles to be honest.

24 Amusingly Honest Disney Titles

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Funny collection of screen shots from animated Disney movies that make the characters look very silly - Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Hercules, Tangled, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Monsters Inc, Toy Story.

Pause: 29 Derpy Disney Screenshots

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Aladdin Should Have Been a Horror Movie

aladdin math image - 8993661440
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Who Could Say No to a Magikarpet Ride?

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Princess and Her Underlying Motives, Revealed

aladdin cartoons princess web comics - 8769102592
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disney aladdin cartoons Video - 79058177

Aladdin and Jasmine Cruise the Streets of San Francisco on a Real Working Magic Carpet

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Watch Out Agrabah, The USA is Coming for You!

aladdin disney poll Watch Out Agrabah, The USA is Coming for You!
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Who Are They After?

art aladdin assassins creed - 7197259776
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Wait, is That Your Real Name?

jaffar fromaladdin is a weird name
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disney aladdin a whole new world Video - 69619969

This Australian Dude Recreated Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride Using Only a Carpet and a Skateboard

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