odd marketing strategies

15 Odd Marketing Tactics That Made Us Laugh And Then Say WTF

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He Doesn't Discriminate

Advertisement by a guy claiming he'll eat any spiders in your home
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Cringeworthy Design Fails

14 Cringeworthy Design Fails That Really Shouldn't Exist

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Campbell's Brought The Heat

Campbell's ad featuring two dads and their son; a homophobic woman complains about it and Campbell's makes a witty comeback
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It's True Tho

Advertisement of a white woman eating crackers and cheese
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Somebody Had A Nice Little Chuckle Coming Up With This

advertisement Memes bowling Reddit funny - 9148114432
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Fire Your Ad Team

Funny meme about pregnancy test advertisement, woman looks like she is pregnant, why would she need a pregnancy test to tell her that?
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Vintage advertisements that are offensive, drugs, masturbating, feminism, misogyny, men, women.

22 Offensive Vintage Advertisement That Would Never Fly Today

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Good Advertising

Funny meme about ad for guitar lessons.
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The Longest Minute

Funny meme about when Youtube gives you an unskippable ad.
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Funny meme featuring a girl in a hijab shampooing her hair WITH the scarf on because of religious Malaysian laws.
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advertisement diet honest trailers Video - 84555009

Watch This Honest Diet Ad If You Need Some Resolution Inspiration

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advertisement tom brady parody Video - 83638529

Tom Brady's Rant Just Might Be Related to Deflate Gate in This Funny Advertisement

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advertisement parody Video - 83559681

This Honest Energy Drink Ad Really Nails the Description of That Distinctly Gross Energy Drink Taste

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This Australian Tourism Campaign Wants to 'C U in the NT'

Australia tourism innuendo This Australian Tourism Campaign Wants to 'C U in the NT'
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advertisement donald trump parody weird Video - 80805377

You'll Want to Run to Embrace the Neon, Fascist Utopia in This Weird Donald Trump Parody Ad

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