Vintage advertisements that are offensive, drugs, masturbating, feminism, misogyny, men, women.

22 Offensive Vintage Advertisement That Would Never Fly Today

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Good Advertising

Funny meme about ad for guitar lessons.
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The Longest Minute

Funny meme about when Youtube gives you an unskippable ad.
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Funny meme featuring a girl in a hijab shampooing her hair WITH the scarf on because of religious Malaysian laws.
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advertisement diet honest trailers Video - 84555009

Watch This Honest Diet Ad If You Need Some Resolution Inspiration

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advertisement tom brady parody Video - 83638529

Tom Brady's Rant Just Might Be Related to Deflate Gate in This Funny Advertisement

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advertisement parody Video - 83559681

This Honest Energy Drink Ad Really Nails the Description of That Distinctly Gross Energy Drink Taste

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This Australian Tourism Campaign Wants to 'C U in the NT'

Australia tourism innuendo This Australian Tourism Campaign Wants to 'C U in the NT'
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advertisement donald trump parody weird Video - 80805377

You'll Want to Run to Embrace the Neon, Fascist Utopia in This Weird Donald Trump Parody Ad

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Ummm Who's Been Talking About It?

image chair advertisement Ummm Who's Been Talking About It?
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I Think I'm Missing Something

funny memes took pill forgot to get dressed

So, If You Don't Go Are You Tempting Fate?

web comics fortune cookie advertisement So, If You Don't Go Are You Tempting Fate?
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advertisement idiots short weight loss wtf - 4832694784
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Circumventing the System


The Future of Advertising

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This Really Makes You Think About the Strategy Behind Billboards

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