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25+ Weird Items Sold on Temu and Wish That Have to Be Seen to Be Believed

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Weekly Internet Roundup: Ad Spam on X, Kate Middleton Disappearance Rumors, and the Willy Wonka Immersive Experience

It's been a wild time.
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30 Hilariously Absurd Signs Found in the Wild

This is your sign
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25 Old Posts & Naive Declarations That Aged Like Milk

Hindsight is 20/20
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20+ Spotify Memes for Music Streaming Aficionados

Spotify can be a fickle beast . Back in high school, I was stuck with the free version of Spotify. Although free, it almost felt like a prison. Who amongst us wants an incredible spree of music interrupted by some of the most obnoxious and obnoxiously loud advertisements possible? Though I made the jump to the premium plan once presented with the perk-filled student plan in college, I understand the plight of anyone using the free version of Spotify. There are so many options for music streamin…
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Job Seekers Lament the Most Outlandish Job Suggestions Indeed Recommended to Them

A PhD gets $7/hour
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'Leave your phone here and go be present': Ad for Fancy Phone Prison Gets Mocked by Twitter

Innovation of the century
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Pepsi Makes Pilk Canon With Lindsay Lohan Ad, The Internet Reacts

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Twitter Rips Apart Ad Suggesting People Take Out Payday Loans To Purchase Fries

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Brand Strategist Reveals How Grocery Stores Practice Subconscious Marketing

It's clever
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odd weird craigslist ads

Strange & Funny Craigslist Ads Posted By People Who Tried Their Best

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job ads with bad grammar and misspellings | iDK SCR Saga @kevinkaywho Found job opening requires 8+ years Swift experience. Swift is programming language came out 3 years ago. 8/18/17, 2:05 PM

20 Rage-Inducing Job Advertisement Fails

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Funny and gross pictures and advertisements of gross foods from the mid-twentieth century

Disturbing Foods That Our Boomer Parents Used To Eat

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Funny meme about how advertisements you see on tv don't make you want to buy stuff. jim halpert from the office showing signs | When your advertising interrupts my video... It just makes me hate your product
Via @memebase

How Quickly Things Change

funny tweet about advertising in march 2020 vs advertising in august 2020 | Ben Rosen @ben_rosen MARCH COMMERCIAL: during these uncertain times, we're thinking of you and your family AUGUST COMMERCIAL: look you might as well catch it at burger king
Via u/FakeBenson
design fails | two different billboards placed on top of each other: Childhood obesity. Don't take lightly Food Stamps can help. Call 1-888-328-3483 see if quality my kinda shoppin' spree. McDonald's. funeral wreaths: Fourth July is Thursday, July 4.

22 Design Fails By Dummies Who Only Had One Job

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