Do These 'Real Adults' Even Exist...?

"I know that real adults do multiple loads of laundry for different colored clothes but I've been putting all my clothes in at the same time and I'm just saying nothing bad has happened yet"
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"Why is being alive so expensive. I'm not even having a good time"
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Adulting In A Nutshell

Tweet about making plans and then not wanting to go out two hours later
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Countin' On Winning The Lottery At This Point

Meme of Bart Simpson saying, "Dear Lawd, I wanna get paid, but I don't wanna go to work"
Funny comics about being an adult, comics about adultin, comics about adulthood.

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Funny meme about growing up and the way veggies and fruit go bad.
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We've All Been Living A Lie

"You're not really an adult at all. You're just a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don't understand"
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We Hope She Was Hired On The Spot

Tweet of a completely blank resume
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Says Everything You Need To Know About Me

"I'm 'If we haven't left before 10pm, I'm not going" years old

The Truest Thing You'll Read All Day

"I think getting older is when you'd rather day-drink than go out all night"


Tweet about 18-21 being a confusing age because of different life stages everyone is in
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Sorry Kids

Tweet about real life being worse than student life

It's All Downhill From There

Photo of a kid crying because he doesn't get the free ice cream with the adult meal
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He's Right You Know

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