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"I'm 'If we haven't left before 10pm, I'm not going" years old

The Truest Thing You'll Read All Day

"I think getting older is when you'd rather day-drink than go out all night"


Tweet about 18-21 being a confusing age because of different life stages everyone is in
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Sorry Kids

Tweet about real life being worse than student life

It's All Downhill From There

Photo of a kid crying because he doesn't get the free ice cream with the adult meal
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These Comics About Becoming An Adult are Painfully Accurate

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He's Right You Know

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People Are Tweeting About The Moment They Knew They Were Finally Adults And It's The Most Relatable Thing You'll Read Today

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Being Productive Is Hard, Man

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Funny tweets about being in your 30s.

50+ Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up Life In Your 30s

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