Motorcycle Has Ejector Seats

motorcycles FAIL gifs accident - 8256357376
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accident close call Video truck fail nation - 61136897

Beep Beep! Cement Coming Through!

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Thank God For Apple

rage accident meta all the things apple - 8130073088
By tentoes2

That "Lassie" Moment!

rage dogs accident - 8121377792
By Evil_Fred

What The Hell Happened Here?

yikes wtf gifs accident - 8109506560
By beernbiccies

GIF: Bike Race Turns Into a Dash

Funny GIF of a bike race that turns into a running race because of a fallen bike obstacle.
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A Voice From Beyond Says, 'NO MORE TWERKING!'

accident gifs mindwarp wtf twerking - 7936487168
By beernbiccies

False Alarm

alarm car alarm accident - 7725526528
By Unknown

When I Have to Sneeze

accident bathroom sneeze silent - 7668208384
By KittyWantACheezBurger

Some Light In-Flight Reading

accident plane - 7667002112
Via Carl Bialik for The Wall Street Journal

Sometimes You Gotta Know When to Stop Love

yikes FAIL accident cars funny cows - 7625860352
By Unknown

Doesn't Look Like a Fail to Me

that looks naughty accident Mars - 7385567744
By jc2581

Lucky Dude!

yikes FAIL gifs accident scooter lucky - 7277792256
By ToolBee

Nice Jeep

jeep accident upside down - 3141737984

This is Why You Shouldn't Do Drugs, Friends

stoned house accident rock literalism stone Party - 7080712448
By Unknown

Oooh, is This the 2013 Model!?

accident car ice portmanteau similar sounding water - 7079951104
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