12 Dumb Cats Who Instantly Regretted Their Bad Decisions

Cats can make for excellent pets - they're independent and generally require a fraction of the attention that dogs require. But they can also be little bastards. Just look at these angry gatos who instantly regretted their bad decisions. We would feel bad for them, but they're such darn little sh*ts!

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Naughty Dog designers seemed to have confirmed work on Last of Us 2.
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Well, well, well, you naughty dog, you.

During a recent Twitch live stream discussing the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection, a Naughty Dog designer seemed to let a cat out of the bag when he mentioned the first Last of Us game.

Folks, there has only ever been one Last of Us released or announced or otherwise. This careless reference seems like a plain admission that the fantastic developer is working on a sequel to the incredible 2014 release.

Games Radar broke it down

It was Uncharted series writer Josh Scherr who had a slip of the tongue, talking up his co-worker Eric Baldwin's facial animation work on "all of the Uncharted games and the first The Last of Us."

Baldwin immediately recognized his error and attempted to backpedal, but he couldn't seem to come up with anything else to say. "Uh, did I say 'the first The Last of Us'? The first The Last of Us. Uh, The Last of Us! The first Last of Us."

They were also kind enough to upload a YouTube video of the incident in question. See for yourself: