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People Share the Dumbest Ways That They Injured Themselves

It happens in a second
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Driver Gets into Fender Bender , Instantly Fixes Car With Clever Hack

Who needs a mechanic
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A Load Of Unfortunate Incidents That Really, Really Suck

Oh man
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Karen Throws Drink On Freeway, Immediately Suffers The Consequences

Instant Karma
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Subway Brawl Turns Wholesome in Most NYC Video Ever

In possibly the most NYC moment of all time, an argument between two men on a subway platform turned violent as seen in a viral video shared by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Things quickly escalate and one of the men jabs and misses, hurling himself onto the subway track instead. The other man rushes over and pulls his contender up from the track to safety. The video ends with the two men appearing to reconcile whatever differences pushed them to violence. We love to see a happy ending.
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Disastrous Gender Reveal Goes Off With A Bang

Dumb and dangerous
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Cow Causes Road Chaos, Prompts Jokes And Speculation From Twitter

They had beef
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Idiotic Fan With Sign Gets Roasted for Causing Massive Tour de France Pileup

A facepalm heard across the world
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Jaw Dropping Thread Explains What It’s Like To Be Swallowed By A Whale

Not something you hear about every day.
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Funny tweet that reads, "Tried to pull up my sleeve and accidentally punched myself. It's okay, I've had it coming for some time now"
Via rochita
Funny tweets where people detail the dumbest ways they've been injured

Dumb Accidents Unlucky People Have Gotten Themselves Into

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Sick Burn By Mom!

Funny meme about butt-dialing one's mother
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It's The *Only* Thing To Do

Pic of a guy lying on the ground next to a broken bottle of red wine with caption that reads, "This is what you must do if you accidentally drop a bottle of red wine"
Via UrBoiNoNo

Extremely close

Caption that reads, "How close I am to losing my sh*t" above a pic of a car about one inch away from hitting a wall
Via LeoSenior
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12 Dumb Cats Who Instantly Regretted Their Bad Decisions

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C'mon Mom!

Text that reads, "When you accidentally let go of your balloon and your mom won't buy you another one" over a pic of an actor lying face-down in front of a woman sitting in a chair
Via kevinhint
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