I Should Feel Even Worse

advertising feel bad futurama Zoidberg - 6418245888
By Unknown

That's Why Not, Zoidberg.

comedy central futurama your meme is bad Zoidberg - 6412249856
By Pimpidellicus

And You Should Feel Bad

Memes tricky vote page worse Zoidberg - 6403157504
By boneclub24

Need a Sassy GIF?

futurama gifs sassy Zoidberg - 6403991296
By 19Zoey88

You Won't Fill the Picture Frames on Your Desk? Okay, I Will!

frames most interesting man pictures The Internet IRL Y U No Guy Zoidberg - 6393957120
By saltyteabag

Now Zoidberg Will Be the Popular One!

futurama Owl sandals shoes shut up take my money Zoidberg - 6377309440
By Hoffman

It's Here and It's Still Not Funny

FRIDAY monday Willy Wonka your meme is bad Zoidberg - 6383115264
By biznob

Why Not Boromir?

Boromir Lord of the Rings research Zoidberg - 6367707648
By debbie_tothewoods

Puns are Bad, and You Should Feel Bad

IRL puns sign truancy story Zoidberg - 6370899968
By OzTomo

Actually I'm Quite Skilled at the Art of Divination...

feel bad successful Willy Wonka your meme is bad Zoidberg - 6351548160
By Unknown

Señor Gif: Need a New Baby Daddy?

dance gifs maury win Zoidberg - 6343488768
By Iron-man01

When Memes are Misused IRL

bad philosoraptor Zoidberg - 6338075392
By yoursuchanoob

Some Teachers Know Their Memes

Memes teacher test Zoidberg - 6316771072
By Courtney

Cabinot Gloveberg?

gloves kitchen puns Why Not Zoidberg - 6304392192
By RedHawk247

Why Not MySpace?

cover facebook Zoidberg - 6301041664
By PhillipGlassAkshat

Your Attempt at Student Connection Is Bad

meme packing philosoraptor trash Zoidberg - 6297839360
By Sofia