Need a Victory? Why Not Exzoidiberg?

futurama Zoidberg - 8973859584
By tamaleknight

Dr. Zoidberg Would Be Mad Creepy in Real Life

futurama gifs Zoidberg - 8226991872

Woop Woop Woop Woop!

call of duty wtf gifs gameplay Zoidberg - 8176065280
Via Call of Duty

This is What Gamers Act Like

console wars gamers gifs consoles Zoidberg - 7908349696
Via SchighSchagh

Every Time, Zoidberg

gifs futurama Zoidberg funny - 7863499776
By Unknown

Better Than Affleck

ben affleck batman Zoidberg funny - 7760400640
By TylarM2012

You Just Asked for the Zoidberg

Zoidberg - 6573713664
By sophn120

Actual Advice Zoidberg

Actual Advice Mallard Memes Zoidberg - 7649092864
By jobunaga

Cartoon Network! Stahp!

TV cartoon network Zoidberg - 7083451648
By PrincessWordplay

Everybody is Doing It; Why Not Zoidberg?

anaface Zoidberg - 7058462720
By ldmt1995

Why Not Zoidberg? Woobwoobwoobwoo

gifs Zoidberg - 7058600448
By Unknown

Re-Framed: I Don't Even Have an iPhone

re-frames Zoidberg iphone - 6957889536
By Dranixger

I Still Can't Use the Touch Screen

lobsters take my money Zoidberg iphone - 6938527488
By Unknown

Zoidberg Has All the Answers

time school answer Zoidberg - 6897298176
By Unknown

Bad Memes Everywhere

your meme is bad facebook troll face Zoidberg - 6884482304
By VolcanRage

I Bought too Many Things This Month

poor finances Zoidberg - 6768710912
By jtcaseley1
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