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The Next Huuuge Trend in UK's Pubs is Pissing All Over American Politics (One Candidate in Particular)

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When This British Cafe Got a 1-Star Review They Reacted Brilliantly

win British cafe responds to 1 star review with clever chalkboard sign
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Zero Pity, You Did This To Yourself

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Boris Curry


Government philosophy:... ....If it ain't broke, fix it 'till it is.

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The UK May Have Said Goodbye to the EU, but They Certainly Didn't Say Goodbye to the Brexit Memes

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The current state of the UK

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Proposal-Prank Revenge is No Joke (Unless it is)

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The Sweet Sounds of British Road Rage

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British Guy Makes His Own Giant Floppy Selfie Stick and Takes the Worst Selfie With It

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Jon Snow Dances to Drake's Hotline Bling

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Those Redcoat Bastards Can't Take the Heat


Lose Pounds Instantly!

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Lol Britain Cannot Into Navy

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The News in the USA vs. the UK

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We May Have Been Born as Enemies But We Exist and Thrive as Friends

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