Crazy QAnon Karen in ARizona destroys mask display at Target, gets arrested, donald trump, right wing

Unhinged QAnon Karen Trashes Target & Harasses Shoppers

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Funny meme about Lana Del Rey | adnan @subtractnanYM mannn Conversation @subtractnanYM now that Target is burnt to ashes where will @LanaDelRey shop??? ? 12:04 PM • 5/28/20 • Twitter for iPhone View Tweet activity Lana Del Rey @LanaDelRey blocked you
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funny tumblr stories about first days working at target, shopping, shoppers, working retail, customer service.

Guy Shares Experiences From His First Five Days Working At Target

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Funny video of a store manager at Target giving a speech right before the Black Friday rush

Target Manager Gives Epic Speech Before Black Friday Chaos

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It's Witchcraft

Funny tweet about how several low-priced items at Target can add up to be a lot
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You Guys It's Finally Happening!

customer service twitter Walmart Target funny - 9149411584
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Funny overheard in target tweets.

These "Overheard In Target" Tweets Will Get You Laughing & Cringing

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Target Video - 80626177

This Guy Uses a Different Voice Every Night to Make Closing Announcements at Target

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"Ma'am, You Have to Leave"

black friday Target thanksgiving - 7924411904
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Drop by Target for Your Thot Shot

funny memes target thot shot

Target Acquired

bathrooms urinals Target - 8292712960

Caring is Above My Pay Grade

Caring is Above My Pay Grade
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It's Like Water, Except Better


Mom Asks for a Game I'm Sure We'd All Actually Play

christmas gaming Target mom - 8407794176
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Robotnick Dancing at Target

gifs Target sonic - 8402535168
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motivational shopping black friday Target Video - 66818305

Motivational Speech of the Day: Target Guy Gives Epic Pep Talk Before Black Friday

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