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'GOP, all glammed up': Artist uses AI to turn Republican politicians into drag queens

Ron DeSantis (aka Rhonda Santy) wearing a feather boa is giving
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An article about the outcry against Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney's moms birthday party, where her dad wore a blue lives matter shirt and atendees dawed "Make 60 Great Again" Hats

Euphoria Fans React to Sydney Sweeney's Mom's Birthday Party

When celebrities post, people pay attention and never has that been more obvious than when Euphoria actress posted photos from her mother's surprise birthday party. Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Fans quickly noticed details in the photos that some people would completely gloss over. People discovered her dad was wearing a shirt dawning the Blue Lives Matter symbol in a post she made on Instagram. Her brother Trent posted photos from the party where guests wore parody “Make America Great Again…
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NY Ulster County’s “I Voted” Sticker Contest Gets Trolled as Funniest Joke Design Keeps Getting All the Votes

NY Ulster County’s “I Voted” Sticker Contest Gets Trolled as Funniest Joke Design Keeps Getting All the Votes

It currently holds over 90% of the votes—and it just got our vote!
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A compilation of memes criticizing Nancy Pelosi's fundraising emails.

Nancy Pelosi's Viral Fundraising Email Gets The Meme Treatment

Last Friday, Nancy Pelosi sent a fundraising email that some Twitter users found tone-deaf. In an attempt to meet fundraising goals to combat Roe v. Wade being overturned, she claimed that if the Democratic party couldn't secure 1,387 more $15 donations, "it will be the single most devastating setback for Democrats' chances of winning this election." The desperate rhetoric of the email turned off many Twitter users. Many critics also cited their feelings of the uselessness of the Democratic par…
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Funny video of Trump responding to criticism of a former speech of his by drinking a glass of water

Crowd Goes Wild When Trump Drinks Glass Of Water All By Himself

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Funny memes entitled, "Nancy Pelosi Pointing at Donald Trump"

Nancy Pelosi Pointing At Trump Is An Assertive Dank Meme

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Funny memes and reaction tweets to Chris Cuomo's 'Fredo' incident

CNN News Anchor Chris Cuomo Throws A Fit After Being Called 'Fredo'

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Donald Trump Jr. Is Winning The Game

Caption that reads, "When a witch says your tongue has to float in the middle of your mouth without touching anything or you'll die" above a pic of Donald Trump Jr. with a stupid look on his face
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memes about chuck schumer and nancy pelosi

Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Are Inspiring Some Spicy Political Memes

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Those Trees Stopped Being Lazy

Pic of Paul Ryan pointing at a screen that reads, "Telephone poles are trees that got a job"
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Do Ittt

Tumblr caption that reads, "Voter registration" where there are checkboxes below that read, "Democratic party," "Republican party" and "Mario party;" someone comments below "Don't forget to register to vote!"
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Trump's 'Space Force' Is Officially A Go And The Internet Is Going Bananas

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'Illusion Of Free Choice' Memes Will Make You Rethink Your Own Life Choices

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dabbing dude memes

All The Best 'Dabbing Dude' Memes The Internet Has To Offer

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guns gun violence Republicans NRA gun control politics - 5786117

Tennessee Politician Thinks Porn Is The Root Of School Shootings, And The Internet Thinks She's Wacko

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hilarious Republicans conservatives fox news FAIL donald trump Awkward tomi lahren politics - 5723909

Tomi Lahren Got A Drink Thrown At Her And The People Are Laughing Hysterically

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