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Barney Frank on Log Cabin Republicans Endorsing Mitt Romney

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From the Department of Ladyparts

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Mitt Romney Rap

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Post Convention Bumps

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Polly Ticks

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Use of the Word "God" in GOP Platforms

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New Republican Ad Compares Obama to a Bad Break-Up

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Probably Both

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Not to Mention Supporting Small Businesses

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Part of a Fair and Balanced Breakfast

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But I Really Hope it's the Former

Futurama meme of not sure if it is an Onion Article or something a Republican actually said.
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Republican Female Anatomy

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Ad Republicans rnc sketch strip club Video - 41109761

Republican National Strip Club

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Gay Bathhouse in Tampa Offers Free Admission to GOP Delegates

2012 election gay offer Republicans rnc - 6532470528
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One Word Reactions to Political Parties and Independents

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Don't Hate on How We Roll

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