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Bandit Heeler, the DILF From Bluey, Has Somehow Become the Hottest Dad On TV Despite Being a Cartoon Dog

Maybe it's the Australian accent
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Cool moments in history, photos, photography, historical facts | This original Ronald McDonald 1963. Sweet dreams! | French wrestler Maurice Tillet visual inspiration Shrek, pictured here 1945 with supermodel Dorian Leigh.

A Treasure Trove of Weird & Wacky Moments From History

Tired of procrastinating by looking at memes or social media? You're not alone. Sometimes it feels like our brains have reduced in efficiency by up to 00%. We are depending on those last few brain cells, y'all. When you're feeling dumb, dumb memes will make you feel, well, dumber. So you've got to take a stand and start scrolling through some content that is at least a little bit less mindless. This here collection of historical images ranges from mildly interesting to, frankly, completely curs…
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Craziest BeReal Pictures & Memes That Capture the Spur of the Moment

It's time
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Snapchat Afficionado Reveals Insane Way He Used to Edit Selfies

No words
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Ice Cold Images That Would Make Perfect Album Covers

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Hello Kitty Fan Cuts In Front of Parent and Child at Meet and Greet, Expects Them to Take Her Photo

Say cheese
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Perfectly Timed And Entertaining Photos That Distil The Chaos Of Going Clubbing

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cool grandma photoshoot goes viral

TikTok Goes Viral After Sharing Amazing Photo of Their 85-Year-Old Grandma

The TikTok creator @peterdevito has already gotten 1.1 million likes for his stylish grandma and still growing. The 85-year-old is featured wearing several party hats and lighting a birthday candle like a cigarette. Though the TikTok creator only shared one photo so far from the shoot it went viral insanely fast. People are going wild for this cool AF grandma—commenting things like they wish she were their grandma or they wish to grow old and be like this grandma. The TikTok creator is a profes…
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15+ Mind Bending Optical Illusions That Need A Second Glance

Hold up
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Girl Mortified By Uncensored Photo On Google Street View

Since its inception, Google Street View has been an endless source of entertainment for the terminally bored. The world is a fascinating place, and you never know what you might find by dropping yourself on a random street somewhere . A select few can even find themselves on the app, although some are in a more compromising position than others. This was the case for Paris Barfoot , who shared a video revealing her own Big Tech paparazzi shot. The image is shot on the street where she lives and…
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Influencer Causes Outrage By Posing On Holocaust Memorial

Not a good look
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20+ Amusing Google Maps Shenanigans For Wannabe Urban Explorers

Glitches galore
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Conspiracy Theorists Go Wild After Finding Walmart Shelf Lined With Pictures Of Women

Serial killer vibes.
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Internet Stranger Goes A Little Too Far Restoring Photos Of Elderly Man’s Late Wife

A wartime sweetheart with a BBL.
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Chaotic Little Caesars Review Has People Bringing More Questions Than Answers

When we look up our local takeout on Google, we might have a few preconceived notions about what the review section is going to look like. Something something food quality, something something delivery time, at least one bozo complaining about the quality of the service because they forgot to add napkins. Look up the Little Caesars in Atlanta, though, and you’ll see a break in tradition: namely, a woman appearing to get dragged out the store by her follicles. This discovery was made by @aliyahI…
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Paul Rudd Got Photographed In A Restaurant And Now Everyone Wants Him To Drop His Skincare Routine

In the shallow and youth-obsessed society in which we live, many of us fear nothing more than the aging process. The fountain of youth is a finite resource, but some people seem to get way more access to it than others. Not coincidentally, they often have access to a lot of money, free time and great plastic surgeons, but that doesn’t stop the results sometimes coming as a surprise. This can be seen in the response to a recent photograph of actor and Ant-Man star Paul Rudd. Restaurant owner Asm…
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