Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

TikToker Perfectly Encapsulates The Plot Of Every Single American High School Movie In Sixty Seconds| man, every american high school film, popular quarterback, shy new girl

TikToker Perfectly Encapsulates The Plot Of Every Single American High School Movie In Sixty Seconds

Maybe it's time to think of different plots.
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Dude Slams Movie Content Warning, Receives Entertaining Backlash

Who got triggered here?
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An Assortment Of Movie Memes For Wannabe Cinephiles

Getting square eyes
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Spoof Of Stereotypical Movie Sex Scene Points Out Their Total Ridiculousness

Hope they have home insurance.
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The Entire Final Destination Franchise Explained (By A Guy Cheating Death And Cooking Spaghetti)

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Via Cracked
A classic franchise, pasta, and a little trademark suspense. What more could you ask for? Final Destination is long overdue the Cracked treatment, which Jordan Breeding does his best with even with the looming threat of his own mortality hung over his head. All five movies get a blow-by-blow analysis that would be impressive even if he wasn't outsmarting death himself at the same time. Although admittedly, it does come at the expense of the noodles.
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Writer Hates On Shrek, Everybody Sharpens Their Pitchforks

Who decided that this was a good idea?
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Awkward TikTok Gets Dueted, Sparks The Most Insane Chain Of Events Possible

Wait, they’re on TV now?
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Funny dank memes entitled, "Leonardo DiCaprio Laughing" | Leonardo DiCaprio he gets on internet and sees he makes up 90 memes | 17 y/o slowing down past my friends on their bikes because got my license first

Sixteen Fresh 'Leonardo DiCaprio Reaction' Memes Because They're Still Goin' Strong

Perfect for people who love dad jokes.
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I Should Really Look At The Time It Ends...

late Movie - 8574235136
By Squid_man


career dead Movie nick cage vegas - 4631826944
See all captions By faun221


gtfo hilarious meme Movie - 4959165440
By coolcat456390

One Dangerous Gang

kids Movie gang warriors funny - 7958484480
By Unknown

I Would Watch That Movie

Movie lava funny - 8391028224
By Unknown


gangsta greed Michael Douglas Movie wtf - 4560338688
See all captions By kakanien

Everyone's a Critic

rental Movie - 6943174656
Via Reddit


leonardo dicaprio Movie romeo-juliet wtf - 4552494336
By Tsu
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