funny fake signs

Some Jokester Placed a Bunch of Fake Signs All Over the London Underground

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The Ultimate Transformer

transformers London tardis doctor who funny - 8339702784
Created by Unknown

London Didn't Think This Bridge Through Very Well

London - 8105163520
Created by Unknown

Londoner's Guide To London

London infographic - 7935827712
Created by neomam ( Via )

Club Penguin in Real Life

London - 7844638976
Created by Unknown

The Happy Biking Photobomber

photobomb London funny - 7813214976
Via myflowerworldblr

In London I Came Across the 'Ultimate First World Problem'

London First World Problems money - 7724749824
Created by Overtino
London illusion - 51676161

English Illusionist 'Dynamo' Rides the Outside of Bus With Only Two Fingers

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Nice Try Londoners, I Know Those Are the Same Thing

england London UK Pie Chart - 7005610496
Created by Vane_275

I'll Try Anything at This Point

boris johnson economy London mayor - 6656306944
See all captions Created by DJAussie

Jolly Good!

Good Guy Greg London - 6599507712
See all captions Created by Unknown

Oh, Not Again

annoying boris johnson david cameron London song - 6466277632
See all captions Created by Andrea1542

The Ministry of Expression

boris johnson david cameron england London political pictures - 6500773120
See all captions Created by BoxFull

Seriously? Have You Heard Them?

British London olympics one direction the internets - 6463262976
Via Huffington Post

Germany is Famous for Bavarian Maple Syrup

Canada Germany London NBC olympics political pictures - 6500498688
Created by Unknown

The Goggles, They Do Nothing

London olympics political pictures - 6494201856
See all captions Created by jdubhub