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Weekly Internet Roundup: Pints & Chit Chat, Store Bought Pesto Stories, and the First Doge Day

Plus, TikTok's premier food reviewer calls out preferential treatment.
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Celebrity Charity Auctions, Tube Girl, and Paying for Twitter

More stuff happening online this week.
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Entitled Influencer Complains When Pedestrians Walk in Front of Her Filming on a Busy Train Platform

It's their space too
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P!nk Gets Handed Wheel of Brie at UK Concert, Chaos Erupts on Twitter

'Handing artists random objects while performing should be standard'
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A compilation of memes about urbanists and urbanism

Urbanist Memes For Public Transit Enjoyers

Say no to cars
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A compilation of strange British photos and memes

Bloody Brilliant British Images

British people get a lot of slack from Americans online. They get roasted for their teeth, food , and accents in ways that nearly always come off as hacky. Like we get it, Brits put peas and beans on foods that are largely incomprehensible to the Yankee mind and stomach, but can we let it rest? British culture through the American lens can lean somewhat limited. Personally, my primary outlets for learning about British culture have been heavily influenced by memes and internet pop culture: Harr…
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Fascinating thread about the sequel to 101 Dalmatians

Twitter Thread Details the 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians' Sequel About Total Dog Domination

Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a pretty iconic movie - and is based on an equally iconic book with nearly same title. But did you know that there was a sequel to the book? One would think that the live-action spinoff would follow the same plot. But it doesn't. And that's because the story is so insane it's impossible to film. Twitter user @SketchesByBoze enlightened the site with these facts in a mind-blowing thread last year - a thread that we only happened upon nearly a year later…
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Kid Gets Trampled By Queen’s Guard, Sparks Debate Over Who Is To Blame

It's been controversial
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British Train Driver’s Running Commentary Brings Passengers Festive Cheer

Bless her
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Measly $11 Avocado Toast Unites Redditors In Horror

Cue the property buying jokes
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Paul Rudd Got Photographed In A Restaurant And Now Everyone Wants Him To Drop His Skincare Routine

In the shallow and youth-obsessed society in which we live, many of us fear nothing more than the aging process. The fountain of youth is a finite resource, but some people seem to get way more access to it than others. Not coincidentally, they often have access to a lot of money, free time and great plastic surgeons, but that doesn’t stop the results sometimes coming as a surprise. This can be seen in the response to a recent photograph of actor and Ant-Man star Paul Rudd. Restaurant owner Asm…
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Funny tweet inspires surpise that there are foxes in london

Funny Tweet About London's Foxes Leads To Shock & Confusion

They have WHAT
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Funny meme about miley cyrus and london | elliot @elliotjtp there is no way you have met everyone in london in one day Miley Ray Cyrus @MileyCyrus LOVED meeting everyone in london today!
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millennials get roasted

Pompous News Anchor Gets Roasted For Claiming That Millennials Can't Do Anything For Themselves

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He Attac

Caption that reads, "I feel like this crab is threatening me" above a seafood advertisement with a pic of a crab and a text blurb that reads, "Get out of London"
Via NotDan1138
twitter London rave funny - 5319941

Londoners Held An Illegal Rave In An Abandoned Toys 'R' Us Because It's 1995 Again Apparently

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