It's Ghana Be Hard to Hide

arrested jokes Kony Memes uganda - 5943657984
Created by Unknown

And Now For Something Entirely Important

2012 best of week Kony the worst Video what - 5940209152
Created by Unknown

Remember Kony?

IRL Kony poster troll - 6148361984
Created by flyingspur

He's Enslaved a Million Little Girls

best of week Bieber Kony the worst - 5985224704
Created by Unknown

I Don't Think the Internet Quite Gets It

Kony positive what does the internet think - 5984332288
Created by thehopelesslybroken

No Wonder the Internet Likes It

best of week facebook Kony Predator - 5983403776
Created by LoveCarlWeathers

Don't Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups

facebook hitler Kony - 5957995008
Created by lizzardeatcow

Never Gonna Enslave You Up

facebook Kony rick roll - 5953110016
Created by RedHawk247
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