KONY PlayStation

guns Kony playstation - 5949772032
Created by CallDrLove

Bad Argument Hippie Didn't Watch, Just Shared

america bad argument hippie Kony link police - 5946451200
See all captions Created by Sapphire_Nightmare_Blade

Uganda is in Europe, Obviously

facebook Kony map - 5946464256
Created by dustnmyeye

A Slew of Child Soliders

africa facebook kids Kony - 5945367296
Created by thehealeroftru

What Uganda Do When They Come For You

bad boys in your face Kony map uganda - 5946048256
Created by JonnyPonny

Breaking Hips for 30 Years!

2012 granny help hip Kony - 5946052608
Created by SaiyanRocker ( Via )

Kony Hawk's Underground

Kony skateboarding tony hawk underground - 5948603648
Created by Breadleh

Shaun of the Ugandead

Kony Shaun Of the dead uganda - 5948068352
Created by sirvine

Epic Revenge Time

delicious epic meal time food Kony - 5946432768
See all captions Created by zmylen

It's True Facts

Kony one does not simply uganda - 5946341888
Created by fake_and_gay

Third World Ultimate Success

kidnapping Kony Third World Success Kid - 5946487296
Created by Unknown

Konye West

day care kanye west Kony - 5946562304
Created by Breadleh

Now GO, Fight

africa Kony people pushing patrick - 5945354496
Created by Unknown

Let Me At'em, Let Me At'em!

cartoons Kony Memes scooby doo - 5944318464
Created by Dengen

Oh, You Shared KONY?

Kony Memes Willy Wonka - 5943417088
Created by Unknown

Don't Be This Girl

annoying facebook girl campaign facebook Kony - 5943657472
Created by Unknown