Funny dank history memes.

47 Dank History Memes That'll Make You Feel Like A Scholar

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Dank history memes, funny history memes, the hulk.

41 Freshly Harvested History Memes For The Scholarly Scrollers

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funny kyle meme about the fall of the berlin wall, germany, monster energy drink.
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Life Imitates Art

Funny meme about German news looking like a shitpost, Theresa may meme.
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Wait A Minute...

Caption that reads, "Four photos of Jennifer Lawrence that'll make you say 'wait that's not Jennifer Lawrence, that's the Wehrmacht 24th Panzer Division"
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instagram vs reality

Woman Photographs The Hysterical Differences Between Instagram And Reality

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Funny language memes and posts.

31 Clever Language Posts For The Cunning Linguists

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Funny history memes, military memes.

18 Military History Memes To Help Battle Your Boredom

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Funny history memes, poland, europe, united states, war, world war II, england, france, italy, language, genocide, china, mao, nasa, africa, colonialism.

33 Hilarious Memes That Double As History Lessons

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donald trump angela merkel political memes Germany justin trudeau Japan politics trump memes jo38ma3 - 5918981

This Pic Of Trump And World Leaders At The G7 Summit Is Getting Meme'd Like Crazy

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In Germany, Jokes Are Taken Very Seriously

German flag 'graph' indicating that Germans don't have a sense of humor
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Chill Pill

angela merkel Germany - 8261912064
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Take That Germany!

beer Germany funny - 7704320256
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Germany Video - 73095937

100 Years of German Beauty in 95 Seconds

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Meet Your Substitute, Mr Führer

funny memes german school sign salute


Germany hilarious orange box video games - 4912915200
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