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Amusing Thread Details Some of the Strangest & Funniest Celebrity Eulogies

What were they thinking
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Man Vs. Chicken, Deadly VR, and Tumblr Preps for Twitter's Demise

What's better than this? Guys being dudes!
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Former Mortician Shares Gross Observations From the Job

Strong stomachs advised
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TikToker Gags the Internet Doing Makeup on Homophobic Dad

Oh my god
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People Roast the Idea of Writing a Will Before the Age of 25

What is there to give?
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Funny memes about how fast Wikipedia editors are at changing entries when someone dies

Spot-On Memes About the Incredible Speed of Wikipedia Editors

Wikipedia editors must be a very special breed. It's funny - I never really think about the people who fill the entries with information. Despite the many warnings of my old professors, I kind of take it for granted that I'm reading truthful facts about whatever subject I happen to be diving into. And while the incredible knowledge of Wikipedia editors is pretty impressive, it's nothing compared to the incredible speed with which they switch “is” to “was” whenever a figure of import leaves this…
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Trisha Paytas Gives Birth to Baby Girl That People Are Convinced is the Reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II

She better call her Lizzie
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Twitter Reacts to Today's News About Queen Elizabeth II

RIP UK sanity
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Funny memes for people who work in the funeral industry, humor, funny, morticians, embalmers, funeral directors, death

Hyper-Specific Memes For People Who Work in the Funeral Industry

I can't pretend to really know anything about working in the funeral industry. To me, it seems incredibly bleak. Surrounding oneself with death and people grieving the loss of their loved ones. As someone with major death anxiety, I couldn't possibly handle it. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a meme account that is dedicated to the interesting lives of funeral directors, morticians, and crematory workers. At first, the account rubbed me the wrong way. It seems kind of inappropriate…
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Great Grandma Has Near Death Experience, Wakes Up and Demands Soup

Talk about a comeback
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Company Catches Heat For Cold Reaction To Employee’s Death

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Mourning TikTokers Cause Controversy Taking BeReals at Grandma's Funeral

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Article about insensitive nurse who posts attention-seeking video following passing of her patient

Insensitive Nurse Posts Attention-Seeking Video Grieving Patient

The nurses of TikTok are well known for acting wild. There have been countless controversies about nurses sharing patients' medical information online, not to mention infamous viral videos of nurses gleefully dancing in hospitals. While it has become more common for people in different professions to share various aspects of their jobs on social media, nurses are known for taking this a bit too far and sharing information that crosses ethical boundaries.
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Manager Blasted For Cold Response to Employee's Request to See Dying Sister

Video of woman telling story about quitting job after boss thinks she was lying about sister dying.
Via @hillary.zinks
It's true that the service industry is suffering right now. Nearly every restaurant, cafe, and bar is hiring. While some people have said that it's a result of laziness on the part of workers, we're more inclined to believe that people are starting to get sick of suffering bullshit. TikToker @hillary.zinks is one example of a service worker who wasn't about to allow her employers to treat her like crap. After her sister suffered sudden cardiac arrest that resulted in brain death, Hillary explai…
Article about an elephant who attended the funeral of the woman he trampled to death and while at the funeral, trampled on her grave

Elephant That Trampled A Woman To Death Attended Her Funeral And Trampled Her Dead Body

Twitter has been shaken up this week by a case of accidental death in India; a woman trampled to death by an elephant had a surprise guest at her funeral. Who was that surprise guest, you might ask? Why, the elephant who killed her, of course!
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Baffled Woman Tells Story Of How Her Ex Faked His Own Death To Break Up With Her

So extra
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