Dear Internet: Sheryl Crow Is Still Alive - And She Wrote A Song About It

Perhaps the strangest thing to come out of Kid Rock's run for senate is a bizarre tweet from someone under the impression that Sheryl Crow is dead. On July 28th, Twitter user @tunacatsup tweeted an image of Kid Rock's campaign poster with the misguided caption "Oh man, @SherylCrow must be rolling in her grave right now..." 

It didn't take long for Crow to respond that she is, in fact, still alive. But she didn't stop there. This Twitter debacle inspired the musician to do what she does best and write a song. It's aptly titled "Dude, I'm Still Alive," and you can watch it below. 

Funny video and twitter memes about Sheryl Crow / Kid Rock Twitter mix up, she wrote a song called "Dude, I'm still alive."
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