Hopefully Everyone Shouted "Amazon bots, roll out!" at This Awesome Costume

halloween win office costume party winner turned amazon boxes into transformer
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halloween DIY Video dating - 83322625

Never Let a Rocky Relationship Interfere With Making Crafty DIY Youtube Videos

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water puns DIY Video - 83255041

How to Make Holy Water

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R U Kidding Me I Cant Afford a Jumbo Sharpie What Do I Look Like

sharpie DIY money image - 8983041792
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Is That a Tortilla?

moon DIY image - 8981740544
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Some Assembly Required

funny craigslist ad didgeridoo needs work
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DIY snowball - 77998081

Win Your Next Snowball Fight Guaranteed With a F**king Machine Gun

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arrow DIY Video - 77916417

This Dude is Probably Totally Crazy, Because He Made a Full Auto Coke Bottle Gatling Gun That Shoots Arrows

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DIY Video - 77248257

These Steel Wool Sparklers are the Coolest DIY Project

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candy DIY Video - 76926977

Need a Last Minute Gift? What About a Candy Rose You Could Make in Prison?

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These Fallout Inspired Cookies Look Sweeter Than Sugar Bombs

fallout DIY cookies - 8594097408
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World's Best Wife Creates a Special Surprise for Her Husband for Fallout 4

video games wife creates fallout 4 surprise for husband
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bowser DIY Video - 75399425

The Bowser Cigar Lighter

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controller DIY video games Video - 75209729

Now This is How to Custom Paint a Controller

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geek fathers day nerdgasm DIY - 88837

This Basement Arcade is the Best Father-Son Project Ever

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guy designs his basement after as a fallout shelter

This Dude is Turning His Entire Basement Into a Vault

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