Funny fail pics of strange do-it-yourself projects | Meat always shrinks cook but not anymore! piece of meat clipped to the side of a pan | Some rich people put anti-bird spikes on trees protect fancy cars poo.

14 Wildly Unnecessary DIY Projects

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diwhy, diy, yikes, fail, cringe, cursed images, ugle design, wtf, funny pics, upcycle, life hacks, memes, crafting, facebook, diy fails

20 Cursed DIY Projects That Really Went Too Far

Just why?
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wtf, cringe, diy, fail, bad design, facepalm, ugly design, amateur, cursed images, yikes, repairs, crafting, furniture, cars, fashion is my passion, life hacks, funny, funny pics | roachpatrol: rainbowbarnacle: xploren: My cousin, ashamed after building chair IKEA. Oh god feel terrible cackling at this. Help every time stop laughing just look at fucked up chair again. lying on the floor | using metal hooks to hang cord from an electric power socket

DIY Projects That Really Don't Make Any Damn Sense

Janky repairs & questionable crafting
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osha, funny, funny pics, wtf, life hacks, stupid people, construction, osha violation, memes, fail, diy

Funny Ingenuities That Range From Clever to OSHA Violation

Not all life hacks are created equal
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25+ Impressive Instances Of DIY That Tow The Fine Line Between Genius And Madness

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Unconventional Upcycled Chair Horrifies The Internet

Of all the things you could do, why this?
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yikes, ugly design, diwhy, diy, life hacks, wtf, funny pics, memes, bad design, crafting, diy fails, cringe | picture of Nicolas Cage on the side of the bathtub | Custom-making these. Cuts down on splash factor. Will need measure toilet. Taking orders. There IS wait list 50-$75

18 Puzzling DIY Projects That Made Us Laugh

Some people have a lot of time on their hands
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cursed and creepy diy projects | clear Christmas tree bauble filled with worms, tweet by Lindsay_Onuffer My dog chewed my dad's sneakers so he cut them into sandals

Seventeen Cursed And Questionable DIY Projects

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Funny video ranking DIY hack fails.

These DIY Hack Fails Are Absolute Gold

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Funny twitter meme about Egg craft video from Facebook, makes egg bigger than before.

Bizarre And Seemingly Pointless Egg Craft Video Has Twitter Cracking Jokes

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Easy Peazy.

Image explaining how to make coffee as good as Starbucks
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This Woman Pranking Her Boyfriend by Convincing Him She Was Murdered Comes With a Quick How To

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This Guy Shredding on a Working Shotgun Guitar Might Be the Most 'Murican Thing You See All Day

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Hopefully Everyone Shouted "Amazon bots, roll out!" at This Awesome Costume

halloween win office costume party winner turned amazon boxes into transformer
Via caronarnold
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Never Let a Rocky Relationship Interfere With Making Crafty DIY Youtube Videos

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How to Make Holy Water

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