Enjoy Your Hot Dogs

Funny meme about Kermit the frog - saying that a lot of people who were saying they were moving to Canada will be celebrating 4th of july.
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Collection of funny memes comics and posts about Canada in celebration of their 150th birthday, canada day.

20 Canadian Memes in Celebration of Canada Day

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Collection of cute and wholesome memes and comics

14 Wholesome Memes and Comics to Lighten Things Up

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Canada - 1444101

69 Insights Into Canada, Our Frozen Neighbor in the North, That Will Leave You Baffled and Amused

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Canada butt tattoo - 1337861

Guy Gets Massive Tattoo of a Goose on His Ass Delivering on an Internet Promise in the Most Epic Way Possible

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Canada hockey - 84589057

A Brilliant New Invention From the Frozen North

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Canada twitter marketing food funny - 1254661

It's Time For You to Meet the Canadian Company With the Oddest Product Descriptions Around

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Canada meme - 1253125

Things Get Weird in the Great White North With Ice Fishing and Meme Wars

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Canada america image - 8990727424
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canada memes

Planning to Move to Canada? Review These Memes Before Making Your Decision

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animals Canada fight Video wtf - 288007

You Know a McDonald's Brawl is Next Level When Someone Brings Out a Baby Raccoon

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Canada haters gonna hate politics - 82667009

Canada’s Justin Trudeau Responds To Internet Haters

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Probably a Good Choice, Unless You WANT an Intergalactic War to Start

web comics aliens canada Probably a Good Choice, Unless You WANT an Intergalactic War to Start
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Canada pokemon go video games - 861445

Some Ingenious Canadians Figured out How to Play Pokémon GO

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A CanaDay Message

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Font - How to be a... MOLSON CANAD He CANADIAN 10

Watch This to Learn How to Fit in with Your New Canadian Neighbors After You Move to Canada When Trump Gets Elected

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