Giant Sexy Shrek is Being Found All Over the World Thanks to a viral TikTok trend

Giant Sexy Shrek is Being Found All Over the World Thanks to TikTok

A giant sexy Shrek in stilettos and a black sleek leather jumpsuit is taking over the skies in places all over the world—a true jet-setting material swamp girl.
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moose, intruder, school, canada, window, saskatoon, class, classroom, wtf

Moose Wreaks Havoc By Breaking Into Saskatoon School

Moose on the loose
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Funny memes and tumblr posts about america, americans | England: Has anybody seen America? Canada: Hold on got this Canada clears throat* Canada: Where did come where did go America CRASHES THROUGH DOOR* America: WHERE DID COME COTTON EYE JOE | epic handshake with only one arm inches feet fahrenheit USA

21 'Murican Memes & Posts That *Anyone* Can Laugh At

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Funny memes about Canada | Ontario be like NTo left! Take detour y'all Road closed this time! Right lanes, 2 closed Left lanes, 2 closed FREEEEEEZE! Everybody traffic jam! dancing construction worker | Gordon Ramsay Canadians are Americans An Idiot Sandwich

Seventeen Canada Memes For Our Neighbors To The North

Thank God it's not winter, amirite?
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Funny dank memes about Canada, being Canadian | bane vs pink guy: living Canada thinking l'll be safe WII Canada being biggest ally America. pleased sully Canadians: Ugh Americans are so fat they eat so many burgers, especially fries Chef puts Gravy and Cheese Curds on Fries Canadians

Canadian Memes To Get You Canucks Through The Winter

We hear you like memes, eh?
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Twitter memes and reactions to Grimes and Elon Musk announcing their pregnancy, funny tweets, funny memes, grimes memes, grimes pregnant | spider baby from toy story tweet by JacobBabcock2 No one: Grimes' and Elon Musk's baby. tweet by benyahr Elon and Grimes' baby will be like mom can't sleep alien in doorway meme

Grimes' Pregnancy Announcement Is Bringing The Memes

Is anyone surprised?
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Funny memes and moments from the Canadian show 'Letterkenny'

'Letterkenny' Memes And Moments That Are Far Better Than Chorin'

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funny canadian memes

Canadian Memes In Honor Of The Perpetual Apologizers

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Hell Yeah He Can

Funny meme that reads, "We know he can swim but..." followed by a photo of Canadian Swimmer that reads, "Can. Richard Funk"
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Funny meme involving a candid photo of Donald and Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau, resembling the 'Distracted Boyfriend' meme

'Melania Loves Trudeau' Is Giving Us Major 'Distracted Boyfriend' Vibes

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Oh What Up

Funny Tumblr meme about two friends who took photos of each other while one was in Toronto on the ground and the other was in an airplane
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Funny video of a comedian with no hands explaining how she gets through awkward situations

No-Handed Comedian Hilariously Details Her Most Awkward Interactions With Cashiers

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Funny tweets about Caillou being tall.

Caillou's Unexpectedly Intimidating Height Has Twitter Shook

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Wholesome twitter thread about Toronto immigrant Nav Bhatia, Toronto Raptors superfan.

Wholesome Story Of Toronto Immigrant Nav Bhatia Is A Reminder Of How Sports Are The Great Equalizer

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canadian jokes, canadian memes, tim hortons

40 Canadian Memes That'll Have You Poutine On Your Shoes To Go Right To Tim Horton's

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Just A Little Wind Chill, That's All

Caption that reads, "Canadians: whatev, it's not even that cold out; Canada: ..." above a pic of a cracked egg frozen on the sidewalk
Via chimrichaldsphd
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