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Chaotic Posts From The Alternate Universe Of UK Facebook

They do things differently across the pond.
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30+ British Headlines That Are Funnier Than They Are Newsworthy

Contrary to popular (American) belief, not all news across the pond is about Brexit. It doesn't matter where you are in the world—a small town is going to report on small news, and a lot of it can be pretty amusing. Pie shortages, suburban turf wars, illegally imported sprinkles, old men yelling at clouds—global mainstream media could never top the charm of local news stories about ordinary people. Twitter account @CrapLocalNews does a great job of archiving all the weird and comically mundane l
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Funny tweets about parents | ann Gteenagepuppy My dad finally found out about my tattoo and won't stop giving shit | LB GLucybelleH 2 Follow Mum s not picture Jesus KEEP CALM ESUS LOVES

20+ Times Parents Did The Darndest Things

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Funny tweets roasting people with british accents | swedish gal @cutechickenxx british people be like peta paka tom holland peter parker spider man | thatvikingsfan @thatvikingsfan8 British people getting stabbed be like Oit there mate, bit rude put knife chest innit 3:46 PM 4/2/20 Twitter Android

29 Roasty Tweets About British Accents

It's all in good fun.
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Funny Tumblr story about two artists, Anish Kapoor, Chicago, the bean, drama, petty

Tumblr Thread Recalls Hilariously Petty Art World Feud

We love the dumb drama.
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Funny and mean memes about great britain, the united kingdom, history memes | Mr. Mince N Tatties @kingcoonta all UK eats like Germans are still flying overhead Mel @Melfyx best homemade dinner on planet. English students studying entirety their country's history Are we baddies?

Roasty Toasty British Memes For Your Tea-Time Scrolling

Bloody brilliant content
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Funny memes from Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson says, "Oh no! Anyway" | BROKEN NEW DAILY RECORD COVID CASES OH NO! ON PHASE ANYWAY 4 REOPENING | Teddy Roosevelt he shot while giving speech: OH NO! ANYWAY made with mematic

Nineteen 'Top Gear' Memes Featuring Jeremy Clarkson's Fake Surprise

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Funny British signs of sexual-sounding town names | RIMSWELL Please drive carefully | CITY LONDON BACK PASSAGE EC1

Twenty-Eight Very Inappropriate British Town Names

Time for a vacation.
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Funny video showing a British police officer chasing a guy onto a pier, guy pushes the police officer into the water

Hilarious English Police Chase Ends With Cop Getting Pushed Into The Water

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Funny video showing a crane operator trolling a guy trying to sunbathe by moving the crane's shadow over him

Crane Operator Trolls Guy Trying To Sunbathe

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Funny video of a guy imitating David Attenborough's narration of a construction site

Dude Impersonates David Attenborough, Narrates A Construction Site

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Funny dank memes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail entitled, "Help! Help! I'm Being Repressed" | none normie friends know about Monty Python and tell s not funny Help! Help being repressed! | THINK LOOK PROTESTING LOCKDOWNS ACTUALLY LOOK PROTESTING LOCKDOWNS HELP! HELP BEING REPRESSED!

Fifteen Dank 'Monty Python' Memes For Those Feeling Repressed

"Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"
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It's The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

Funny meme that reads, "He doesn't bite; The pet: ..." above a pic of the Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
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Funny memes about Queen Elizabeth | Queen Elizabeth dresses like she's about go prom with Steve Harvey | If thought were useless, remember there are guards who guard an immortal person

Fourteen Queen Elizabeth Memes That Will Never Die

She'll never die.
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Funny video of a Dalek from Doctor Who policing the streets to get people to stay indoors

British Police Use A Dalek To Order People To Stay Quarantined

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Funny memes about Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson | Reddit: praises Keanu Reeves, Danny DeVito, and Elon Musk Rowan Atkinson: | Coronavirus Plague Inc copying on a test

Fourteen Memes In Honor Of The Lovable Mr. Bean

Mr. Beaaaaan!
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