We Got Dirge Over Here

Badass Memes Skyrim - 6973181696
Created by Unknown

Snowman? I'm Thinking Something More Badass

Badass awesome skull snowman - 6955625216
Via Neatorama

It Always Wins

Badass knife winning shark rock paper scissors - 6851199744
Via The Frogman

Deal With It

Badass Movie christopher walken gun freeze - 6818176000
Created by Herold

Boing Loings

Badass house ice ice king adventure time - 6768531456
Created by FaceBot ( Via Facebot )

Badass Master Chief

Badass live action master chief - 6707507456
Created by EpikShoelacess ( Via Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Part 4 )

Look Out, We've Got Halloween Decorations Here

halloween Badass - 6612527104
Created by zakmatt2002

YouTube Folks are Real Toughies

Badass fudge youtube - 6588652032
Created by tomariel

We've Got a Statue Over Here

Badass statue - 6521520640
Created by Captn_Obvious

Watch Out Guys, We've Got a Dog Over Here

Badass dogs - 6526744576
Created by LazyBastardGuy

Wii Careful

Badass IRL wii - 6499524608
Created by nucciomilitello

Just Your Average American

Badass cheezburger fat - 6511067136
Created by Unknown

I'm Surprised Anyone Still Plays the Wii

Badass nintendo wii - 6491625984
Created by Unknown

Summon Your Spirit Animal

Badass Cats martial arts wtf - 6443037440
Created by Alisha ( Via Everything Waffles )

Those are Some Rebellious Carts.

Badass carts rebels shopping - 6429572096
Created by CHThompson

Rebel Without a Sense of Direction

Badass cow rebel - 6405351680
Created by ostbrony