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15+ Cringey Tough Guys Who Totally Kick Butt

I'm sooo scared
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Supposedly Hardcore Examples of People Who Are Total Tough Guys

Ooh, I'm scared
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Rule-Breaking Rebels With Zero Respect for Authority

These first world anarchists do not give a flying frick
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Cringey Badasses Who Need to Take It Down a Notch

It used to be that we'd run into insufferable bullies with anger management issues a few times a year in the schoolyard, or maybe as an adult at a testosterone-filled dive bar or club. The bullies were clearly covering up a tough home life or a behavioral issue. Macho drunk dudes ? Probably compensating for something. But those run-ins seemed irregular enough that we'd simply roll our eyes and go on with our lives. These days, however, the internet alerts us to these deluded, self-important ind…
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funny, memes, rebels, first world anarchists, anarchy, anarchists, badass, reddit | girl keeps sending my local news station screenshots landscape Red Dead Redemption 2 their "Out and About" news segment and they keep putting on news thinking 's photo. Bella salute COURTEST BELLA MCGUIRE | PETCARE NO CHEW DETERRENT HELPS STOP BITING, CHEWING, LICKING AND SCRATCHING

First-World Rebels Who Have No Respect For The Rules

Some people just want to watch the world burn
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Cringey Tough Guys With Delusions of Grandeur

We get it, you lift
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Funny pics about 'first-world anarchists' | cutting a square in the center of a Hershey's chocolate bar | person in full diving gear underwater in a tiny bathtub NO DIVING

15 First World Anarchists That Need To Be Stopped

Do not mess with them.
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Cringey tough guys, cringey badasses, funny, stupid people, anti-mask, karens | Try n Make wear mask same thing will happen. don't have do tell also don't have explain my reasoning WGXA.TV just ready die Man beaten after confronting men not wearing masks | Awww sorry broke cant imagine feels 9. make big boy dollars buy clothes at wal mart and eat no name food bet. Sad. My protein tubs cost $200 month little man. Food $1000. Gas, insurance. Keep grinding lil guy

21 Cringey Tough Guys Who Need To Relax

Whoa there.
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Funny pics and posts of people lying on the internet

15 Braggadocious Liars Pretending To Be Badass On The Internet

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Pic of a fossil of a giant tooth sticking into a vertebrae with caption that reads, "A Megalodon tooth stuck in a whale vertebrae. This is the most badass fossil in existence"
Via JackStabber


Headline from The Independent that reads, "Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes metal fence, breaks human's arm, and swims to uninhabited island where she still lives"
Via JamesONarwal
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16 First-World Anarchists That'll Make You Want Your Mommy

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17 First-World Anarchists That'll Make You Say 'Frigg The Police'

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The Definition of a Badass

cops Badass weed - 8235879168

Badass bacon

Badass can bacon - 6874372096
Created by FaultyClone5150 ( Via Think Geek )

Damn, Daniel That's Pretty Tough

Badass funny - 8444977152
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