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Get Your Ass On The Dance Floor

Funny meme that reads, "When someone brings hateration and holleration to the dancery" above a photo of Mary J. Blige looking angry
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Funny memes about childhood | Showing up school after doctor's appointment laughing leo mcdonald's happy meal | 7 year old after saying Bad morning teacher Welcome downtown Coolsville.

Fourteen Childhood Memes In Honor Of Simpler Times

Ah, simpler times.
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It Ain't Rocket Science People

Funny meme from the TV show 'Friends' about why it's important to continue social distancing | COVlD is deadly but containment measures are working they've made us safer than we were in March
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That's Way Too Much Work

Phoebe from Friends saying "Forget it" with a caption that reads, "When you have to enter your credit card information but your wallet is slightly out of reach"
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He Can't Get No Love From Me

Pic of a product called 'Good Luck Scrub' with the caption, "When he tries to holla at you from the passenger side of his best friend's ride"
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