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Definitely Not A Rip-Off Or Anything

Caption that reads, "You've heard of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, now get ready for" "pubescent frog of silent war"
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People Are Inaccurately Explaining Iconic 90s GIFs And It's The Perfect Nostalgia Trip

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'90s Kids Memes

27 Dope '90s Memes That Kids Today Just Won't Understand

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ABC Cancelled The 'Roseanne' Revival And People Aren't Holding Their Feelings Back

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50+ Pics And Gifs That Will Fill Your Aging Heart With Nostalgia

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Colelction of funny memes about nerf guns, nerf or nothing.

Nerf Or Nothing: 11 Memes For 90's Kids

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Thank God My Facebook Timeline Doesn't Go Back That Far

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The Real Reason Nobody Wants to be a Millennial

only 90s kids remember the crushing realization their generation is screwed
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The '90s Bully Was a Person Who Lived on Our TV Screens

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'90s Tape Problems

'90s Kids Problems

30 Awful Problems That Kids in the '90s Had to Face

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Do Today's Teens Know Music From the '90s?

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Going Back to the '90s Wouldn't Be as Radical as You Might Think

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'90s Kids Know This Feel

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The '90s Were a Difficult Time

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We Get It, You're a 90s Kid, You Can Shut Up About it Now

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