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High School ‘Anime Club’ Video From 2004 Is a Time Capsule of Comedy Gold

The aughts are back, baby. Haven't you heard? Steve from Blue's Clues has returned. Britney Spears is free. The Matrix is getting resurrected. And you know what? I'm here for it. 2021 kinda sucks, so why not indulge in some early 2000s nostalgia? While remakes and reboots are fun and all, how about diving into the real time capsules and classic gems waiting to be rediscovered on YouTube? For example, this student-made video from 2004 that features Centennial High School's anime club, long befor…
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The Internet Turned Steve’s Wholesome Message Into Painfully Relatable Memes

If you've been on the internet for even a few minutes this week, you've probably seen the heartfelt viral video message that former Blue's Clues host Steve gave to all his grown-up fans. While the initial reaction was full of sentimentality and sincere emotion, it didn't take long for the internet to do its thing and meme the hell out of various stills from the video. As one of our followers pointed out in the comment section of our last post covering Steve's message, there's even a new Facebook
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Funny memes for Millennials and '90s kids | swankydesserts d C: 26 went 90s themed party last night piesandfalcs 's cup cake minty too young if don't know good pun truly is | My head HURTS just looking at these

17 Nineties Memes For The Millennials Craving That Nostalgia

All that and a bag of chips
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Funny memes about the struggles that '90s kids dealt with | Steven @IAmAhjani 2004 recording yo new ringtone off radio and somebody started makin noise | CONNECTING OK passingpleasantries: remember 2006 accidentally hit internet button on flip phone and then had press end 40 times keep parents paying such luxury S passingpleasantries

Twenty Struggles That Kids Today Won't Understand

A lil tip down memory lane for the '90s kids!
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Those Were The Days Man

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "Kids in the '90s playing games on a PC" above pics of a group of kids looking overly excited while playing said games
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Funny nostalgic tweets about growing up in the '90s

14 Forgotten Things From Every '90s Kid's Childhood

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Funny Twitter meme about how the sun baby from Teletubbies has her own baby now
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Twitter Is Reminiscing About What Life Was Like Before Memes

Twitter Is Reminiscing About What Life Was Like Before Memes

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nostalgia memes

16 Nostalgic Pics And Memes That'll Really Make You Miss The '90s

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14 '90s Struggles That Today's Kids Will *Never* Understand

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Only '90s Kids Will Get This

Caption that reads, "To build character, I make my kids stare at this for five minutes before they can use the WiFi" above a pic of AOL dial-up
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28 Depressing Times Millennials Felt Positively Ancient

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A Great Injustice

Funny star wars meme about anakin not being a 90s kid.
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They Were So Wise

Tweet that reads, "Damn, Smash Mouth was right. The years start coming and they really don't stop coming"
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Only '90s Kids Will Remember These

Caption that reads, "You haven't known real fear until you've tried to use one of these" above pics of little rubber toys that pop up
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These Kids Are Now 19 Years Old!!

Caption that reads, "When a teenager tells me they were born in the year 2000" above pics of Matt Damon progressively getting older in each photo
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