It's Getting Moist in Here

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Created by N.L.

The Raddest Dude There Ever Was

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Who Wouldn't Watch This?

80s douchebags family funny - 6751805952
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I'm Not Really One of Them?!

80s 90s kids sudden clarity clarence - 6812834816
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You Crazy Kids

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This Awkward '80s Kid Totally Looks Like Michael Phelps

80s celeb funny kid Michael Phelps TLL yearbook photo - 6590325504
Created by androcity

Rikki Rockett Totally Looks Like Cyndi Lauper

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Charlie Sheen (Platoon) Totally Looks Like Ryu

80s actor celeb Charlie Sheen funny Street fighter TLL video game - 6574424320
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80s band epic fail right wrong - 4681368576
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How Battles Work... in 80's Cartoons

80s cartoons lasers Pie Chart - 6508926720
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David Cross Totally Looks Like E.T.

80s actor arrested development celeb David Cross ET funny Movie TLL TV - 6504064512
Created by TuckerBentley

Let's Shed a Tear for When 2000s are "Oldies"

60s 80s kids Music poker face radio Rage Comics - 6488913152
Created by Blizzardbeard

You Spin My Head Right Round When You Go Where?!

80s marty mcfly Memes Music - 6474088448
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Young Matt Dillon Totally Looks Like Young Michael Schoeffling

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Rage Comics: I've Been Waiting for a Derp Like You

80s Music Rage Comics - 6410590976
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80s sitcom Video - 37859073

Dexter, the Early 90s Sitcom

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