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Just walking along, nothing to see here. Just strolling about enjoying a breath of fresh air. Keep a leisurely gait with these silly and punny walking jokes.

Ducking Through These Halls

gifs ducks critters cute walking funny - 7667704064
By Unknown

It's a Bear Suit, Right?

wtf gifs bears critters walking - 8492161536
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

How To Get a Lazy Dog Ready For a Walk

dogs gifs lazy walking funny - 7797639424
By Unknown

Cat Scarf

Cats cute gifs walking - 7949882624
By SatevisM (Via Youtube)

Oh Hai

gifs polar bear cute walking so cute critters - 6656006400
By Unknown

Walking the Dog

Cute gif of a puppy dog being held up as he runs in the air with his little feet.
By _C_A_T_ (Via gifs)

Kitty Walking With The Pack

dogs gifs kitten walking Cats - 8557247232
By Unknown

Abbey Road Hustle

gifs remix walking win - 6213861120
By Víctor Paredes

Cat Walking a Cat

gifs critters cute walking Cats - 7333828608
By EternalMind (Via Youtube)

Long Cat Walking

gifs long cat walking Caturday Cats - 7084083712
By Unknown

Man Walks Deer

gifs critters cute deer walking - 8454168576
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Red Panda's Little Stroll

Via Cute Overload

Aqua-Gym Kitteh

gifs water walking Cats funny - 7797959936
By ToolBee

A Quick Owl Movement

critters gifs Owl puns walking - 5251914752
By Unknown

Llama Learning to Walk

critter critters cute gifs learning llama walking - 6372798976
By Unknown

Got My Geese in a Row

critters cute geese gifs walking - 6511046656
By Unknown