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Just walking along, nothing to see here. Just strolling about enjoying a breath of fresh air. Keep a leisurely gait with these silly and punny walking jokes.

Cat's Silly Walk

Cats gifs walking - 7974274816
By Unknown

Dog Can't Control Pet Dog

dogs gifs walking funny - 7924245504
By Unknown

A Learning Experience

gif - Terrestrial animal - SASQUATCHPABK
By Iron-man01

Just Woke up From The Anesthesia

gifs walking Cats - 8243258624
By jyonasan1957

Come On, Dog

dogs gifs leashes walking Cats funny - 7652851200
By Unknown

Got My Geese in a Row

critters cute geese gifs walking - 6511046656
By Unknown

This Cat is Moving in Slow Motion

gifs slow walking Cats - 8102548224
By Unknown

Dog Takes Drunk For A Walk

gifs dogs drunk walking Sundog mans-best-friend critters - 6665196800
By _C_A_T_ (Via

I Can't Wait Until You Start Walking

FAIL gifs kids parenting walking - 7136738816
By Iron-man01

Keep Strolling

gifs haters gonna hate mindwarp walking wtf - 5224721408
By johnceballos

Weird Walking Roosters

gifs critters chickens walking - 8225044224
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Kitty Walking With The Pack

dogs gifs kitten walking Cats - 8557247232
By Unknown

This Baby is Training For The Olympics

Babies mindwarp gifs walking funny - 7845026304
By ToolBee

Yogi Bear Struts Through The Forest

bears gifs walking - 7979099648
By Unknown

Long Cat Walking

gifs long cat walking Caturday Cats - 7084083712
By Unknown

Hoo Follows Hoo

birds gifs critters walking pigeons - 8146393600
By ToolBee
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