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Take the stairs, not the elevator. Great for your health, and for a makeshift workout when you're stuck at home, just make sure to take them one at a time, you wouldn't want to trip over some of these multi-leveled puns.

Robot Approaching Stairs

cool gifs robots science stairs win - 6103797760
By Unknown

Anti-Gravity Cat

wtf gifs stairs Cats funny - 7737289472
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Banister Uses Harden

FAIL fall gifs kick ouch stairs - 6346958336
By _C_A_T_


Cats Caturday gifs lazy stairs - 4779239168
By XxcatloverxX


box FAIL gifs idiot ouch stairs yolo - 5982115328
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Puppies Can't Climb Stairs

gifs climbing puppies stairs critters cute - 7401337344
By Unknown

Route to Upstairs

mindwarp gifs stairs Cats - 8541180160

Hopefully There'll Be a Next Time, And You'll Wear Helmet

ouch FAIL gifs stairs - 8443924992
By beernbiccies

Stairs Are Ghost Traps

gifs stairs ghosts fall - 8421762048
By Unknown

I Hate Taking The Stairs

yikes parkour stairs jumping - 6843243008
By Unknown

Old Man Takes Stairs

gifs old man stairs win wtf - 6335073280
By _C_A_T_ (Via The Daily What)

Gymnast Toddler

wtf mindwarp gifs kids gymnastics stairs - 8506113024
By ToolBee

Cats Always Land on Their Feet

roll gifs stairs Cats fall - 6817699072
By meganeguard (Via Nwashy)

Driving in Armenia

gifs stairs cars driving - 8402533376
By Unknown

Pug Plops Up The Stairs

dogs gifs stairs critters pugs - 8138188800
Via Bing

Step 1: Place Box on Top of Staircase

ride gifs box stairs Cats - 7044634368
By Iron-man01
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