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Funny gif of man climbing a slide and saying he has bad grades.
Created by PhotoshopMemes ( Via GIF )

Kid Suffers a Double Fail

ouch school FAIL gifs pranks - 8443994880

Clever Boy

class gifs Pranks for the Memories sad but true school sexy - 5209241856
Created by Unknown

Bear Smashes Into N.J. School

bear critters gifs running school - 6208792832
Created by TSGIGOR

Jet Pack School

awesome gifs jet packs school win - 5390870272
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School is Important

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School Rage

backpack gifs ouch rage school throwing - 5277441024

The Cost of Educating a Child vs. The Price of Housing a Prisoner in The US

Animated GIF that compares charts of the cost of educating child VS. the cost to house a prisoner. Wake up sheeple?
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Pretty Much How Every Writing Assignment Starts Out

gifs school monkeys work - 8185071104
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Deal With It, Kids!

best of week Deal With It explosions gifs kids school The Interwebz yikes - 5958146048
Created by Unknown

The One That Laughs Last

school gifs seats pranks falls - 8222549504
Created by anselmbe

When I'm Watching an Awful Play at School

school Morgan Freeman funny falling asleep - 7634058752
Created by LeionKeY


gifs Pranks for the Memories rules school - 4848794112
Created by _C_A_T_

The Best Reason to go to the University of Illinois

azns gifs school star wars technology video games Videogames want - 4969980416
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It's a Trap

FAIL fall gifs prank school seat trap - 5680642816

School Sucks

books gifs kids ouch reading school - 5558990336
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