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Deal With It, Kids!

best of week Deal With It explosions gifs kids school The Interwebz yikes - 5958146048

Very Subtle

school gifs math - 6825684736
Created by meganeguard ( Via Bent Knees Gappy Teeth )

Clever Boy

class gifs Pranks for the Memories sad but true school sexy - 5209241856
Created by Alex

Out of Control Schoolgirl

Via Bing

School is Important

Via Bing

The Hour Before a Paper is Due

school animation papers funny - 7705756416
Created by meganeguard ( Via Lunatic Toons )


art circle drawing gifs school - 4721534720
Created by Unknown

How Everyone Acts After Graduation

school gifs - 7872886272
Created by Canada714

School Sucks in The Fall

school FAIL gifs fall - 7035652864
Created by Unknown

Bus in The Classroom

school wtf gifs - 6773166336
Created by Unknown

When I'm Watching an Awful Play at School

school Morgan Freeman funny falling asleep - 7634058752
Created by LeionKeY

The Most Accurate Reality For Graduates

school FAIL gifs sad but true fall - 7022529536
Created by Unknown

Eventually You Will Fall

FAIL gifs school yikes - 8335151104

Bear Smashes Into N.J. School

bear critters gifs running school - 6208792832
Created by TSGIGOR

Excuse Denied

animation anime gifs rage school yikes - 6561265152
Created by lol_saint

You've Been Erased

gifs ouch rage school teacher - 6152194048
Created by Unknown
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