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MMA is Totally Different in Russia

russia mindwarp gifs mma swords - 8482266624

Made in Russia

cars FAIL gifs russia whoops - 5982071808

Meanwhile In Russia

axes gifs mindwarp road russia wtf - 6208561152
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Liveleak )


bungee extreme russia win - 4243689984
Created by FrankieDudeUltimate

Russian Trash Men Get Around in Style

gifs snow russia winter - 7990552320

Thanks For Giving Me a Way Back In

Cats gifs ropes towels russia - 8458121728

On The Subway in Moscow

costume russia mindwarp gifs - 8482630400

Time To Pick Up The Cat

Cats gifs elevators russia - 8560832768

Russian Helmet Crash Test

ouch russia helmets gifs shovels - 7632212480
Created by TSGIGOR

Russian Truck Adventures

russia wtf funny trucks - 8065494016
Created by ani.s4

Aggressive Teacher Gets a Lesson from a Little Girl

FAIL gifs kicking nards ouch russia teacher - 6564781312
Created by TSGIGOR

Watch This Russian Curse Her Car For Theft Protection

witchcraft russia gifs magic - 8528363776
Created by anselmbe

In Russia, picture takes you

GIF if Vladimir Putin having someone tall swapped with someone short so as not to block him in the pictures
Via Vladimir Putin - Know Your Memes

Russian Ice Breaker Party Game

babes gifs humpday Party russia - 6416877568
Created by _C_A_T_

Miss Piggy's New Job

gifs mindwarp russia sad but true wtf - 6382480384

Parked Cars Are Dangerous

russia FAIL gifs kids - 8152297728