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Meanwhile in Russia

russia mindwarp gifs robots - 8510199040
By Unknown

This Kids Was Photobombing in The 1980's

russia photobomb gifs kids hockey - 8459764992
By Unknown

Open Parking Spot in The City

cars FAIL gifs parking russia - 6321396992
By Unknown


crash FAIL gifs ouch parking russia - 4962726656
By Unknown

The Relationship Between Russia and The USA

usa russia guns gifs sad but true - 8096083968
By Unknown

Russian Becomes One With The Snowmobile

gifs snow mindwarp russia - 8463409920
By Unknown

Charged Dancer at a Wedding

cool russia dancing gifs wedding party hard win - 6768628992
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Turn Down For What?

Via Pikabu

A Meteorite Flyby in Russia

yikes russia gifs science - 7066157312
Via Youtube

Miss Piggy's New Job

gifs mindwarp russia sad but true wtf - 6382480384
By Unknown

Only in Russia

Via Bing

Meanwhile On The Russian Roads

cars gifs surfing wtf russia - 7945260544
By ToolBee

Russian Cars

cars FAIL gifs kick russia whoa - 6044849920
By Unknown

Traffic Craziness In Russia

cars driving FAIL gifs russia u mad wtf - 5967686656
By Unknown

Invisible Jetski is Stuck

beach gifs jetski lol Pranks for the Memories russia - 5182568192
By Unknown

Head Butting Dash Cam

cars gifs headbutt rage russia wtf - 6434191872
By Unknown
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