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MMA is Totally Different in Russia

russia mindwarp gifs mma swords - 8482266624


FAIL fall gifs lol ouch russia singer - 4345901568

Poor Attempt at Passing in Russia

russia FAIL gifs passing cars - 7130444032

Don't Honk In Russia, You'll Be Axing For Trouble

axe FAIL gifs puns russia traffic yikes - 6044736256
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Failblog )

What Are They Running From?

dogs gifs horse mindwarp russia wtf - 6459058688

Russian Bus Driver in a Rush

awesome bus gifs russia traffic win - 5043520768

Time To Pick Up The Cat

Cats gifs elevators russia - 8560832768

Meanwhile In Russia

axes gifs mindwarp road russia wtf - 6208561152
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Liveleak )

Pro-Tip: When a Rocket is Going Off Nearby, Stay Away From Windows

yikes russia mindwarp gifs rockets - 8440738560

The View From Atop Stalin's Skyscraper .....

amazing gifs heights russia tower win yikes - 5229762560
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Russian Swingers

epic gifs jump puns russia swing water win - 6413034752
Via Menuda Mde Mierda


gifs russia win woah - 4754356736

Being Drunk at Work Sucks

gifs jk mindwarp russia work - 5312591104

Russian Police Ninja GIF

Insane GIF of Russian special forces police raiding a car by kicking in the windshield and then opening all the doors and dragging everyone out.
Created by ToolBee ( Via GIFs )

Russian Water Park

russia gifs water construction funny - 7752240128

Russian News Reporter Makes The News

FAIL fall fountain gifs news russia - 6302938624
Created by _C_A_T_
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