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Lettuce be honest, we're all about legumes. Lettuce is both a call to be allowed, and a wonderful leafy green found in basically every traditional salad ever. So let in the lettuce to your life, embrace how punny it can truly be, and try a salad, we promise it won't bite.

Stupid Compy

critters dinosaur gifs idiot jurassic park lettuce - 5934449152
By Unknown

Core Lettuce Like a Boss

gifs lettuce Life Hack win - 6297227008
By Unknown

Sharing Lettuce With The Rabbits

bunnies gifs lettuce critters rabbits - 8421062656
By Unknown

Ohh the Horror

horror gifs lettuce corgi - 8576709888
By anselmbe

Emu Eating Some Lettuce

critters emus gifs lettuce - 7965821184
By Unknown

Lettuce Enjoy This

dogs gifs lettuce puns - 8259643136
By Unknown

Shiba Puppies Are Fierce

Via Bing

This Lettuce is Set For Destruction

gif of corgi fighting the lettuce
Via GIF Senor

Lettuce Face Them

best of week gifs guns lettuce mindwarp puns shooting - 5330571264
By cocobox

Dogs Devour Lettuce

dogs gifs lettuce - 7980453632
By Unknown

Shibas Enjoy a Salad

dogs gifs lettuce salads shiba inus - 8572959232
By Unknown

Lettuce Appreciate This Dog And Guinea Pig

dogs guinea pigs gifs lettuce critters - 8452198400
By Unknown

Snails Devour Lettuce

critters gifs funny lettuce snails frankie original - 7924360192
By Unknown