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Split Jump

jumps whoa win - 6030671616
Created by FrankieDudeUltimate

Doggy skills

Frisbee dog GIF that is pretty funny.
Created by Iron-man01

Oofta What a Spill

ouch FAIL gifs jumps funny - 7527406336
Created by ToolBee

Epic Rope Jump, More Like Epic Nope Jump

epic gifs jumps funny - 7869693184
Created by ToolBee

I'd Do The Same Thing If I Was a Cat

gifs jumps - 7404326400
Created by anselmbe

Jump Button is Stuck

gifs critters jumps deer - 8138354432
Created by Unknown

Nailed That High Jump

FAIL gifs jumps fall - 8186341888
Via GIF Bin

Suspension is in The Air

motorcycles mindwarp gifs jumps - 8085611264
Created by ToolBee

Watch Out, Loose Ski

FAIL gifs jumps skis - 8384681216

30 Skiers Flipping at Once

mindwarp gifs jumps skiing win - 7353978624
Created by Unknown

Amazing Spin Master

spinning gifs jumps funny win - 7592694528
Created by Unknown

I Thought Catching Trout Was Hard

wtf gifs jumps fish funny boats - 7702059776
Created by beernbiccies

Synchronized Cat Fail

FAIL gifs jumps Cats - 8407636480
Created by anselmbe

Hey, I Gotta Go

cool guy gifs jumps skateboarding - 8204840192
Via Google

Mantis Tries to Jump

insects whoops FAIL gifs critters mantis jumps - 8460844288
Created by Unknown

The Perfect Time to Eat Chicken

motorbikes chicken mindwarp gifs jumps - 8013640448
Created by Unknown