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Man Jumps Over Lamborghini Murcielago

epic gifs jumps lamborghini win - 7129884416
Created by mondomix ( Via Youtube )

This Guy Really Trusts His Ability to Jump Well

cars gifs lamborghini jumps yikes - 8258426624
Via Bing

Who Dares Approach My Window?

Cat gif in which a cat jumps to the window of the door to see who is coming.
Created by Unknown

Now That's a Bike Jump

gifs jumps bikes flips - 8118128640
Created by ToolBee

Pushing It Over The Wire

FAIL gymnastics gifs jumps - 8315475712
Created by jyonasan1957

Feels Like Flying

gifs jumps win - 7278792448
Created by ToolBee

Way to Stick The Landing, Bro

gifs jumps win trucks - 8299765248
Via Bing

Just a 200 Foot Jump Into Water

yikes gifs heights water jumps - 8555654400
Created by Unknown

Might as Well Jump

Cats gifs jumps - 8254178816
Created by jyonasan1957 ( Via Youtube )

The Countrified Circus

gifs critters jumps funny cows - 7766288128
Via Youtube

Almost There, Guy

motorbikes FAIL gifs jumps fall - 8213534208
Created by Unknown

Iguana Stick to The Plan

critters gifs iguanas lizards jumps - 8242592768
Created by Unknown

Flipping Good Unicycle Jump

gifs jumps - 8404376320
Created by Unknown

Almost Made It

FAIL gifs funny ouch jumps - 7907140608
Created by Unknown

The Acrobat Matador

yikes gifs jumps funny win - 7460539392
Created by Unknown

Cat Win Them All

FAIL gifs jumps Cats - 7959221760
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Youtube )