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The step by step construction of a Tesla 3 in the factory from bare-bones frame to fully functioning car. The cover photo is of a Tesla 3 driving with the sunset in the backdrop

Ever Wonder How a Tesla 3 Is Built?

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A polynas ice hole was discovered in the center of Antarctica

A Hole Has Appeared In the Center of Antarctica And Scientists Are Rushing to Understand Why

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Mercury Responds to Soundwaves

mindwarp gifs mercury science jo38ma3 - 7432487936
A fascinating collection of gifs from all over the internet brought to one spot for you to enjoy. The cover gif is of a professional bike rider who celebrates too early at the end of a race and gets passed at the last second.

Gifs To Keep You Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

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Gifs to keep your day flowing and your brain churning. The cover gif is of animals being put against artificial intelligence in a study with some pretty interesting results

Get Your Gif On With The Weekly Gif Bounty

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Japan is Building Robots To Help Feed Tomatoes to Runners

GIF of robot your wear on your shoulders that feeds you tomatoes as you run.
Easy breakfast hack to make your breakfast sandwich quicker than you ever have

The New Way To Make A Daily Breakfast Sandwich

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Santa Cat Has a Nice Mustache

Cats christmas gifs hats mustache jo38ma3 - 7952083712
Some spectacular gifs gathered from around the internet to keep you entertained. The cover photo is a paper helicopter that perpetually spins over the fire because of the hot air vents released by the fire, keeping it afloat forever

Time to Get Your Gif On

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the best loops and funny animations from all over the internet in one place for your enjoyment

Best of the Best Loops - Weekly Edition

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Beagle Puppy Doesn't Understand How Car Windows Work

gif of a beagle dog like snoopy in a car playing with the window

How The Devil Does This Machine Work?

gifs mindwarp jo38ma3 DIY science - 8263104000
Via Bing

I Immediately Regret This Decision

gifs falling Cats funny jo38ma3 - 7854446336
Via Cineraria

A Good Reason to Stay Away From the Wild

yikes gifs critters snakes jo38ma3 - 8395469824
Created by anselmbe
Loops and gifs to keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours. The cover gif is of a Humpback Whale breaching out of the water in slow motion before crashing down back into the depths.

Perfect Loops That Will Put A Spell On You

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Simply the most energetic and amazing gifs to give a jolt to your day. The cover gif is of a man swimming under the ice for a long distance in one breath, breaking

Gifs Are Taking Over And Filling The Interwebz

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