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Well It Worked For Handguns

guns whoops FAIL gifs - 8370701056
Created by beernbiccies

Use the Tracers

celeb FPS Russia gifs guns win - 5016697856
Created by sebenty


animation gifs guns looney tunes puns space weapons - 4821754624
Created by _C_A_T_

The Most Important GIF

guns gifs - 8124211456
Via Bacon Broderick


FAIL gifs guns ouch shotgun - 4543222272
Created by melolonta

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger

FAIL gifs guns police yikes - 5645995776

My Gun is Many Guns

guns gifs terminator robots bollywood seems legit - 6833236480
Created by skandyl

Gun Shot Speed Champ

expert level fast gifs guns win - 6419551488

Dubstep Guns

axes dubstep gifs guns shooting win - 5107605760

You Ain't Fooling Anybody, Assassin From The Future

guns want cosplay mindwarp gifs time travel - 8556434944
Created by ToolBee

Keep The Change

guns wtf mindwarp gifs money - 8010228992
Created by anselmbe

The Tiny Explosions That Happen Inside Bullets

yikes guns explosions mindwarp gifs - 8482969344
Created by anselmbe

Precision Sniper

FAIL gifs guns ouch sniper - 5468931584

Well, I Don't Think AppleCare Covers That

computers guns gifs mac - 8185419008
Via La5to

Sniping The Entire World!

celeb chuck norris gifs guns headshot sniper yikes - 5989167616
Created by yuud4i

Kim Jong-Un Testing Out North Korean Pistols

kim jong-un guns gifs North Korea pistols - 7320001792
Created by anselmbe
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