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Kind of a Big Gun

cannon epic gifs guns mindwarp - 6402936576
Created by Unknown

You Ain't Fooling Anybody, Assassin From The Future

guns want cosplay mindwarp gifs time travel - 8556434944
Created by ToolBee

Lego Captain America

captain america decapitation gifs guns lego win - 5779208448
Created by Unknown

Feel Free to Use This For Any Slideshow on Business Synergy

guns slow motion gifs cars - 8193059840
Created by Unknown

Why Would You Do That?

GIF of the useless act of firing a flare gun at your parachute and having it go down in flames.
Created by anselmbe

Classic: Golf Skeet Shooting

classic gifs guns shooting win - 5931719168
Created by Unknown

Clumsy Cop

yikes cops guns - 8210335488
Created by ToolBee

Hey Pilgrim!

guns gifs thanksgiving critters - 8386717952
Created by Sylviag ( Via GIPHY )

Backlash Bob

ouch guns FAIL gifs - 7020908288
Created by Unknown

The Most Useful Device in The Universe

guns gifs animation puns - 7102278400
Created by Lord_Clure

Working Out in Russia

ak47 guns gifs push ups russia - 8177223936
Via Bing
French bayonet had a design flaw that caused the weapons to potentially be stuck together, without any chance of fixing them

The French Army May Not Have Run Away After All... They May Have Gotten "Stuck" Together

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Deus-Ex Movie Trailer

guns cyborgs gifs Movie rad - 6906919424
Created by Unknown

Gorilla With a Machine Gun

gifs gorilla guns movies Movies and TV yikes - 5704207360
Created by Unknown

Making a Rainbow

awesome best of week gifs guns rainbow science win wtf - 5872042752
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Odd Form of Gun Control

animation bugs bunny elmer fudd gifs guns Rule 34 wut - 6069577216
Created by Unknown
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