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Muzzle Loader Explodes At Gun Range

explosion FAIL fire gifs guns yikes - 6095690496
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

Hot Shell in Glasses

burn FAIL gifs guns ouch - 5202406912
By Bigsteve87

One Way to Get Rid Of Extra Fruit

Via Bing

A Line of Bonds

guns history gifs movies james bond - 7085306624
By Teh_epik_duck01

Gotta Work On Team Communication

guns wtf gifs communication magic - 8165142272
By anselmbe

Lettuce Face Them

best of week gifs guns lettuce mindwarp puns shooting - 5330571264
By cocobox

Heavy Firepower

guns FAIL gifs funny fall - 7846287616
By Unknown

Reminder: Cops Are Super Calm And Reasonable

cops guns gifs sad but true - 8482630912
By Unknown

Just No-Scope It, Noob

guns whoops FAIL gifs funny - 7598262528
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)


guns wtf gifs what - 8452447232
By anselmbe

She Also Made a Duck-Face Selfie

ouch guns FAIL gifs ladies funny - 7777156352
By ToolBee


animation anime awesome gifs guns magic - 4475363840
By Unknown

Looks Like He Got Robbed of His Opportunity to Rob

yikes guns FAIL gifs CCTV funny robbery - 7425359360
By ToolBee

Quadrocopter Plus Machine Gun

epic explosion FPS Russia guns machine gun Quadrocopter win - 6150170368
By Unknown


awesome gifs guns mash up movies Movies and TV - 4244176384
By bronswirlz13

Colin Farrell in The New Total Recall

awesome bert celeb gifs guns total recall - 6304499968
Via Brown Cardigan
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