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Shotgun Vs. iPad

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Some Teasers From the Dictator

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Kind of a Big Gun

cannon epic gifs guns mindwarp - 6402936576

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger

FAIL gifs guns police yikes - 5645995776

Obama's Speech Regarding Gun Violence in The US

guns news gifs obama politics - 8220420352

Don't Try to Shoot Ninjas

guns gifs ninjas shooting darts - 6958223104

What The Heck Are You Shooting At?

close call guns gifs shooting yikes - 8491959552

Armed Robber Shooting His Own Foot

FAIL gifs guns ouch - 5750086656
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Popping a Cork With a .50 Caliber

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Your Best Friend For The Zombie Apocalypse

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One Way To Get Champagne Open

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Sniping The Entire World!

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Looks Like He Got Robbed of His Opportunity to Rob

yikes guns FAIL gifs CCTV funny robbery - 7425359360
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