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Golf Pants Are Overrated

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Guess Today Isn't Your Day

sports golf FAIL gifs - 8298886144
By Unknown

That Rascal Got Out of Control

trees golf FAIL gifs scooters - 8190052096
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Uncle Touchy's Putting Challenge

gifs golf pranks Pranks for the Memories - 5591651840
By Unknown

So That's What's Inside Golf Balls

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Golf Injuries Happen

golf FAIL gifs fall - 8193023488
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awesome gifs golf guns Pranks for the Memories skeet shooting wtf - 4266190848
By Badmoves

Combining Some of The Whitest Things This Side of Baking Soda

wtf golf gifs white people - 8486839552
By Unknown

Kangaroo Boxes Golf Flags

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This is Mine Now

balls sports golf gifs seagulls - 8539350528
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